A Discussion of NFPA and Personal Protective Gear – An Interview with Chief Bruce Varner (Ret.)

This week the Firefighter Training Podcast talks about the NFPA and how to interact with them, and we discuss Personal Protective Gear.

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I Can’t Save You, But I’ll Die Trying                                  

The American Fire Culture

ISBN 971-887654-97-5

By Dr. Burton A. Clark, EFO


Dr. Burton A. Clark, EFO has over four decades in the fire service at the local, county, state, national, and international levels. Burt has published more than 200 articles, 45 of which have been selected for his book.

I Can’t Save You, But I’ll Die Trying; The American Fire Culture is a collection of essays representing 45

years of fire service experience including operations, prevention, education, safety, leadership, culture, and philosophy giving readers, both civilian and firefighters, a new understanding of our fire culture. The book reveals important changes society must make to provide a more fire safe environment for firefighters and the general public. His book will be released in April 2015. Pre-release orders are available now.

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