The Hazmat Medic – An Interview with Robert Marschal

The Firefighter Training Podcast is about the use of a hazmat medic and what roles and responsibilities the medic can perform.

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The 23rd Street Fire and Collapse – An Interview with Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn FDNY (Ret)

Chief Dunn shares his experiences as a responder of the first engine on the second alarm at this tragic fire that took the lives of 12 FDNY members.

Stay tuned until the end where Chief Dunn gives 11 tips for being a good firefighter. Great for new firefighters or firefighters at any level.

October 17, 1966 55-598

Killed in the line of duty

DC Thomas A Reilly, Division .3

BC Walter J Higgins, Battalion. 7

Lt John J Finley, Ladder 7

Lt Joseph Priore, Engine 18

Fr John G Berry, Ladder 7

Fr James V Galanaugh, Engine 18

Fr Rudolph F Kaminsky, Ladder 7

Fr Joseph Kelly, Engine 18

Fr Carl Lee Ladder, 7

Fr William F McCarron, Division 3

Fr Daniel L Rey, Engine 18

Fr Bernard A Tepper, Engine 18